Rabin Islam

Graphic Designer

EDITORIAL – Health Cannabis, It’s Nothing New!

EDITORIAL – Health Cannabis, It’s Nothing New!

I’ve been employed in the cannabis industry since fall of 2016. In working with Natural Health Services, the clients, educators, and doctors, We have discovered more about the cannabis plant as well as the medicinal benefits. With increasing knowledge and visibility, comes increasing respect for the plant’s power to help clients whom might be coping with chronic discomfort, insomnia, MS, epilepsy, despair, anxiety, or whom need make it possible to reduce or expel opioid and alcohol use.

We have additionally gained a respect that is immense our clients. It works with your medical practioners and educators to add medical cannabis into their life, inspite of the public’s that is general across the plant. The bias surrounding cannabis all together will continue to stem mostly from the prohibition mind-set.

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